ZTV started the Member of the Month program in September of 2011. The official quote by

That's right, after a ton of delays, we are finally ready to start Member of the Month! We'll be giving out this title to the most friendly, most well behaved and most active member on ZTV on September 1st! Be ready everyone!:) ~Bizkit

Official topic:

This member group is also jokingly called MOTH due to a joke going around at the time in the spam folder.

Once someone becomes the March MOTM, I will be able ot get the Member Pip and add it as the picture here ~NG. ---}

The Current list of MOTM is:

The Professor-September 2011


DinosaurKing1000-November 2011 (Best month :13: )

The Third Camel-December 2011

Dark Auk-January 2012

Nerd Guy-February 2012

Constructicon-March 2012

-April 2012