Here is a list of the ZTV Staff members, including their staff postions, and a short description for each. I will leave the discriptions blank for the staff themselves to make :) ~NG


  • Zooasuarus
  • Bizkit
  • Piopio

Admin Secondary Rank:

  • b13nd3r (not an admin)
  • Cactus (not an admin)
  • Incinerox (not an admin)


  • Braq (not a mod)
  • Shinen
  • SplitSecondSanity (an admin)
  • Theropod Kid (not a mod)
  • UmbreonShadow
  • UproariousUmbreon (not a mod)
  • CougertheShark

Forum Moderator:

  • Sun God Ra


  • FelixPrismus

Roleplaying Mod:

  • King Kazma
King Kazma, also known as Barghest, is the RolePlay Mod behind the RolePlay Revamp, which has been planned to add more detailed rules and additional areas to ZTV's current RolePlay Section, which Barghest considers small, but certainly cultivatable.
King Kazma does not actively participate in RolePlays on ZTV, despite working on the revamp, though might eventually start into them as things go on, and hopes that the changes made by the Revamp will help ZTV's RolePlayer base to grow.
  • PeaceMaker

Download Manager:

  • Austroraptor
  • Handsome Jack
  • harlequinz eg0
  • weasleyistheking
  • Mr. Fredrickson, the most amazing person ever (Yet another opinion, however this is actually a proven fact. For more information on opinions, see: Incinerox)

Theme Manager:

  • -DR-

ZTV Graphic Artist:

  • CougertheShark

Former Staff Members:

  • Darkpkmn
  • King Hoopla
  • Mint
  • PandaKing
  • RaptorKing
  • VGnome