The BeginningEdit

Zoo Tycoon Volcano was created in 2005 by Zooasaurus, a convicted internet predator, from inspiration given to him by Catc (Who is now a head dictator at North Korea). At first it struggled due to a lack of members, but then stablized after the introduction of a teen forum, featuring several fantastic slumber party roleplays involving the sodomization of 11 year old girls.

The Early Years and HackingsEdit

The Staff WarsEdit

The Rise of the Ch0desEdit

The Teen Forum and New ParadigmEdit

King Hoopla's New BeginningEdit

After the recent events that had wracked ZTV, King Hoopla decided that the site as it was was so gone from what he remembered of it that it was past saving... but he could do something else. He could give ZTV a new, fresh, start. So KH, with Shaz/Alexis and the Ch0des, went into the Admin CP. From there, he changed Zooa's password and username to nonsensical numbers, perhaps drawing inspiration from VGnome's shutdown and destruction of Caldera Unlimited.

Once Zooa was out of action, KH made the present ch0des adminized, and they began to wreak havoc before KH finally obliterated the site by blanking all forums, making it impossible for anybody to view said forums, and breaking the skin. He also left his final message on the site, which can be seen today at the old .z14 address.

Despite many members hating what he did, the truth is that ZTV WAS dying- and KH DID save the site by his "hacking" of it.